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Span-Tech Support

Span-Tech Support is our most popular plan.  It works on a monthly basis where you pay for a certain number of support hours a month.  

Span-Tech Support Explained

  - You pay for a set number of support hours per month
  - If time is not used one month it's rolled over to the next 
  - No time is ever lost 
  - Hours can be used ahead of time
  - Time is not restricted to support and can be used for other IT related work 
     For example software development, consultancy, training
  - The hours are reviewed regularly to ensure the balance is kept at a fair level

Like all our plans Span-Tech Support does not work on an annual contract, so if you're not 100% happy with our service you can leave at any time. If you decide to end the plan then time that not been used will be reimbursed.

Why Choose a Span-Tech Support Plan?

  - Cost effective - you can't lose any time you've paid for
  - Ease of budgeting with monthly invoicing
  - You're not tied into a contract - you can leave at any time
  - All our technicians are Microsoft and/or Sage accredited

Get in touch

If you’re interested in discussing our support plans please call us on +9+ 98458 50555 or email us at

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  What Customers Say
The service was excellent. Guidance and sharing the knowledge with customer is an appreciation factor. - Ghose

Don't feel like new to the service industry, good follow-up. Excellent service. All the best. - Kumar

Service industry means time consuming but I don't feel eGlitz followed the common trend, best service with less time. - Raman

Awesome service. Capable to continue in service industry. - Vidya

Excellent service, will recommend eGlitz to my friends. - Vidyut



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